2014-02-14   -   Snowcarver Sweeps Carnaval de Quebec

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Team Yukon Canada wins first place at Carnaval de Quebec. They also pick up Public Choice and Volunteer Choice as well. It was a great week of carving and good conditions. The snow was excellent and the people were superb. More images in the World Tours pull down, world tour 2014.

2014-02-02   -   2nd Place At Carve Tahoe

IMG 4476Team Yukon Canada, Donald Watt, Michael Lane, and Ken Anderson win second place at Carve Tahoe. The story of the first Killer Whale sculpture was a hit. we built up a 12 foot high block to a 19 foot hight sculpture... awesome fun.

2014-01-30   -   Carve Tahoe Demonstration Piece

Carve Tahoe DemoTeam Yukon Canada, Donald Watt, Michael Lane, and Ken Anderson, all from Whitehorse, are on World tour 2014. They were joined by Walt Farr from Ontario and completed a demonstration sculpture in the Northstar Village on January 26th. The three carvers remained in Northstar and on the 28th of January began another sculpture, this time in the Carve Tahoe Competition. Judging will take place on Saturday February 1st. On February 3rd the team must be in Quebec City to begin carving snow in the Carnaval de Qu├ębec International Snow Sculpture Competition. Watch the progress by using the pull down menus above, World Tours... World Tour 2014... and starting at the top of that list i will fill each location with images of the sculptures.


Donald was recently the subject of Yukon artist Suzanne Paleczny who painted him doing what he loves best. Paleczny's work is currently being featured in a show at the Yukon Artist's @ Work Gallery.

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